Ethereum Price

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This strong move above marks the end of a massive downturn in Ethereum for its US dollar / bitcoin pair. And analysts say this price hike could soon be over.

Ethereum price increase between base ball
For the first time during the Blue Moon, little minds can be seen on Ethereum.


Cryptocurrency has had an excellent showing for most of 2018, falling from its all-time high of $ 1,400 to double-digits, which is almost 95% of the total. At the same time, the ETH / BTC pair fell below the ICO bubble, indicating that there was little demand for the project.

But in recent weeks it has changed. After a low of $ 170 and about 0.016 BTC, Ethereum started trading for both couples.

Traders say the move is likely to create preconditions for future profits. Grant recently stated that if ETH consolidation is above $ 200, which is a significant support line for the past year, $ 250-300 may be entirely offset.


Visit Boynton Florida Beach

Binton Beach & # 39; Florida, which calls itself “Florida Gate to the Gulf Stream,” is a city of over 60,000 people and is located on the intercostal waterway of Florida’s east coast, about halfway between Palm Beach & # 39; Boca Raton is less than an hour and a half drive north of Miami. It has an average temperature of 74.5 degrees.
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Stay at a rather inexpensive hotel like the Holiday Inn Congress Street in Boynton Beach & # 39 ;, 1601 N. Congress Ave., Boynton Beach & # 39 ;, Ca. 33436, (561) 737-4600 or the Holiday Inn Express South Beach & # 39; Palm Beach & # 39; County, 480 Boynton Beach Blvd., Boynton Beach 33435, (561) 734-9100 or the Hampton Inn & Suites Boynton Beach, 1475 West Gateway Blvd, Boynton Beach 33426, (561) 369-0018. Play Golf at The Links at Boynton Beach, 80 Jog Road, Boynton Beach 33437, (561) 742-6500, a complete golf course featuring the 18 Hole Par 71 championship track, challenging, but fun and interesting, from each of its four sets of teens , The 9-hole 30-hole Family Golf Course, with five tees, is an opportunity for families and friends to share a day in nature, the links & # 39; Also offers an entire practice area with a tee-turf grass and free range for making and brewing / bunkering or the Cypress Creek Golf Club, Military Trail 9400, Binton Beach & # 39; 33436 (866) 696-4541, a beautiful course for both novice and professional. Water comes into play in 14 holes, five of which force one to play by the approach shot over water to get to the greens. Play Tennis at Boynton Tennis Center, 3111 S. Congress Avenue, (561) 742-6575, with him & # 17; 17 Mount Truth courts and 4 complex courts.
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Check out Alberts & Merkel Bros., Inc., Orchids and Tropical Gardens, 11580 Hagen Ranch Road, Boynton Beach 33437, (561) 732-2071, or the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, 102 Lee Road, Boynton Beach 33437, (407) 732-3684 or Mangrove Nature Park, 700 Northeast Fourth, Boynton Beach 33435, (561) 734-4800.
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Take a swim, snorkel or dive in Oceanfront, Inlet Park or Gulfstream Park. Take out saltwater fishing in the Gulf Stream for Bluefish, Sailfish, Marlin, Blackfin Tuna, Dolphin (otherwise known as Mahi-Mahi), King Makackeral, Snapper Red, Snapper Yellow, Sheepshead, Pompano, Wahoo and more.
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Take a scenic cruise up the inter-coastal road to Palm Beach. Drive up to Palm Beach or get off to Boca Raton (both less than an hour and a half away), or take a beautiful hour and a half to Miami and enjoy the night life.
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For more information about Binton Beach City, Florida see: http://boyntonbeachfl.usacitydirectories.com, a guide to the City of Bunton Beach City, Florida guides and guides listing hotels, restaurants, attorneys, brokers, resource information, services , Things to do, places to go and more.


The most expensive areas of Miami Beach

Whenever we think of famous places like Miami Beach, the images that come to mind were the presence of luxurious luxury hotels, beautiful stretches of white sandy beaches and expensive restaurants and bars where the rich and famous often gather. Prior to the late 1800s, the native population of Miami was probably the Native American Indians, and the tribe settled on the mainland, where they would usually go ashore during the summer months.
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The end of World War II brought another wave of new residents to the area, as many men who practiced in South Florida left the service and settled on the Miami beach with their families. The city’s population increased from 46,300 in 1950 to 63,200 in 1960. Some of the city’s new residents also came from overseas, as the Cuban Revolution brought another wave of new residents to Miami and coastal Miami.
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The city was founded in the 1980s and is difficult to get lucky
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The 1980s brought an image of crime and despair to the Miami coast. The city was financially complex, especially in the early part of the decade, so crime was widespread. The decades that followed brought many hardships to the area, which began to rapidly decline as a recreation area since that time, the city has experienced a rebirth that many consider it a second renaissance for the area.
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Classification of Art Deco County as a historic landmark has helped re-evaluate historic properties as well as revitalize the area in the 1980s and 1990s. The high school. .

Famous areas of Miami Beach

– South Coast. Also called SoBe, or the coast, this district is one of the more well-known areas of Miami Beach. It is a major entertainment destination with hundreds of nightclubs, restaurants and beachfront hotels. SoBe is popular with American and international tourists alike, with German being the most widely spoken language after English and Spanish.
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The large flow of European tourists explains the province’s tolerance for sunbathing topless, despite being classified as a public beach. Another unique and unique aesthetic feature of South Beach & # 39; is the presence of colorful and unique lifeguard stands still utilized by South South & # 39;
– Lincoln Road. Lincoln Road goes east and west between 16th Street and 17th Street on Miami Beach. Today, there are convenient amenities on the road that include state-of-the-art multiplex cinema, but concerts for the New World Symphony Orchestra, boutique and national stores, fine dining and bars.
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Lincoln Road is also home to the newly renovated Colony Theater, a venue for the performing arts, and the South Florida Art Center, a studio space collection and an emerging art gallery. In this way, street visitors entertain an endless stream of tourists and locals on Lincoln Road. It is one of the most popular destinations for visitors to South Miami Beach.
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The city won the fair share of rash and bust. Pictures of crime-filled and homeless streets roaming the streets in droves have previously made it a perfect location for filming the hit Miami television series Vice. Today, however, Miami Beach has emerged from those bleak times, reinventing itself to become one of the nation’s premier vacation destinations, offering a wide range of services and issues for tourists and investors alike.

Miami Beach Real Estate & # 39; – http://luxurylivingrealty.net


Apartment hotels offer great potential and great investment

Not your typical vacation home

What could be more perfect to own a luxury vacation home at a Zionist resort and get rental income every time you don’t use it? Apartment hotels are the newest trend owned by vacation homes. Live in it while you’re there; Hire it when you’re not.
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So how do hotel-owned apartments differ from a traditional vacation home or condominium? These are not your typical second homes. These are shared suites beautifully furnished in some of the most famous hotels and resorts around the country. The properties are usually large, high-rise, upscale hotels run by big names like Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, Sonesta, Starwood or Hilton. Prices range from $ 200,000 to over $ 1 million for premium assets.

Generate income to reduce mortgage costs

How do hotel owners find rentals? This is what makes the program so attractive. When landlords do not use their unit, it enters the hotel’s rental plan.
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By utilizing name recognition, advertising, national affiliation, a hotel’s central reservation system and management expertise, unit owners typically receive a higher level of rental income than they would in a traditional vacation home. In addition, the hotel takes care of the tenants, as well as all the cleanliness and maintenance of the hotel’s units. Talk about the hassle!
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The real appeal of apartment hotels is appreciation

While it is nice to get rental income from your vacation home, the more important factor from an investment point of view is its valuation. Apartment hotel units have been rated much faster than family homes and private homes in those areas.
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Most apartment hotels are purchased directly from the developer. With limited inventory, apartment units in hotels moved at lightning speed. In fact, almost all apartment hotels are sold in early construction, long before anyone with one dirt flipped over. And, as is the case in any situation where supply far exceeds demand, apartment hotel owners have experienced tremendous appreciation in their units.
World famous resorts are attracting international attention
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Most apartment hotels are in seasonal resorts. South Florida, especially Miami Beach & Fort.
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Lauderdale, it is one of the hottest markets in the country with world-renowned properties such as Fontaneblo, Ranch & # 39; Living & Trump International leading the way. Las Vegas and some of the Caribbean are also popular destinations in condominiums.
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Who buys? The answer, at the forefront, is everyone. That is, investors and vacationers who recognize the potential of a vacation home’s revenue-generating potential. This appeal is not limited to U.S. buyers. The idea of ​​condo hotels has been challenged internationally with Latin American and European buyers competing with Americans for the best properties.



Investors are now more attracted to Miami Beach's real estate industry

Miami Beach Properties has always been considered an excellent option for many different types of people, including tourists, vacationers and others looking for the high quality of living associated with the world-class city. However, the popularity of these real estate options seems to be growing dramatically among investors looking for the best opportunities in South Florida.
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The city of Miami Beach is quite accustomed to seeing a variety of investment activities taking place within its borders.
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After all, being a city that receives such impressive levels of tourist activity each year, it is only natural to be able to find a sensational selection of restaurants, bars, cafeterias, clubs, hotels and other establishments that cater to the millions of people who visit the city each year.
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However, the hospitality industry seems to be gaining clues indicating a high potential for profit within the city, as there is now a variety of international investors looking actively for Miami Beach properties such as hotels for sale that are guaranteed to provide them with profitable profits.
Being a world-class beach resort definitely has its benefits. One of the obvious benefits to the city is the consistently high number of visitors and the money flow that actually increases hotel occupancy rates.
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As of September 2012, the average hotel occupancy rate has risen to 75.9 percent within the city, which is a twelve-year record for the city of Miami Beach.

So much demand for hotel rooms and other lodging options is also evident because of the fact that there are loads of development projects happening in a variety of areas where people can expect to find Miami Beach properties that require upgrades and upgrades that actually allow investors to charge more for the options they have available to the public.

Even old factories are bought and changed because there are really no new real estate options for property buyers. One perfect example of this is the old Palm Royal Palm located on 1545 Collins Avenue which has been renovated and is slated to reopen as James Royal Palm, which will be operated by the Denihan Group Hospitality in New York.

While it is true that the recession a few years ago created a negative impact on the tourism and hospitality industry in the region, the fact that there is a huge need for Miami Beach’s assets today is something investors are going to want to fund. In, especially since another valuation is expected in the very near future.

If you would like to find out more about the availability of real estate investment opportunities in today’s property market, you can contact a real estate agent for more details.

Florida Vacation Homes – How To Get The Best Out Of Your Trip?

Florida is often referred to as the & # 39; vacation country & # 39 ;. It is located in the crossroads of the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico and the US. It is blessed with the best natural guideline from the three worlds. An amazing script for visitors planning a trip to Florida – with so much to see at every corner.

If you are a beachside buffet, Florida can be a paradise on hold – with mermaid and exotic beaches stretching along the serpentine shoreline. Symbolized by their soft sand, exotic shells, and huge waves at the center of the waves, Florida’s lofty beaches invite everyone to their unparalleled natural beauty. The best way to absorb the delights of this coastal state is to stay at a vacation home that feels like home and within walking distance of the beach – you can even snorkel and fish at will and even return to your vacation home a quick bite.

Whether you are staying on Sanibel Island or St. Augustine or Clearwater, renting a vacation home gives you double pleasure – an experience of living together while living in a beachfront home. Your romantic getaway or family reunion takes on a completely different meaning if you enjoy the bright sky on the beach, listening to the waves while enjoying a home-cooked dinner. Looking at a leisurely weekend getaway in the oldest European city in the US (St. Augustine) or revealing your true self in the clear waters of Clearwater – staying at your trusted vacation home makes it a cherished experience for generations to come.

As an experienced Florida lover, I would like to share some tips on planning your Florida vacation.

  • Renting holiday homes is a great alternative to expensive and personal hotels
  • You can't experience the privacy and personal touch of a 5 star vacation rental
  • Hotel rooms near popular destinations like Disney are especially expensive and do not fit into everyone's pocket
  • On a cautious note, you should select only those Florida vacation rentals that are guaranteed by the Florida Hotel Licensing Annual Review.
  • Make sure the resort has a child safety alarm so your child cannot enter the pool area without your knowledge

Go back in time at a museum in historic St. Petersburg

– Take your family for a dream tour of Orlando, and enjoy the theme parks and thrillers for dinner shows

– Enjoy the tropical flavor of the Florida Keys stretching from Key Largo to Key West

– Or pick up shell memorabilia at Cocoa Beach.

Some of my favorite memories are from my visits to Biscayne Bay National Park and Everglades National Park. Just screaming from downtown Miami, in Biscayne Bay, are pottery sponges, delicate gourds, brown pelicans, turtles, mangroves, ferocious alligators and brilliant butterflies. The Bay of Biscayne, which houses many historical wonders and many species of animals, consists of four fully protected ecosystems. But, my dream trip was made even more memorable by & # 39; home away from home & # 39; – Loyalty vacation rental home in Kissimmee.

Why Choose Florida Vacation All Inclusive?

The warm climate, exclusive beaches, and major attractions make Florida one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. Florida has about 300 days of sunshine a year, so it's no wonder the peninsula's other name is Sunshine State.

If you arrive in the air, renting a car can be the ideal way to get around your vacation destination. You can save a lot of money and time if you are a member of a priority group from one of the big rental companies. With priority companies, you can skip the queue with other customers, and go directly to your vehicle and leave the airport parking lot in minutes. If you have a favorite credit card, you can get premium membership for free: Runner-up # 1 club membership comes with American Express Platinum Card.

Florida is great for those who want to relax on the beach and soak up the sun, but those who want more excitement will not be disappointed. For example, Orlando is known for its many theme parks, starting with a vacation at the University of Orlando Sea World, Bush Gardens and the Kennedy Space Center. On the other hand, Miami has the biggest beaches and great nightlife with a Latin feel.

There are so many things to see and do in Florida that everyone can find something interesting. The beaches are so long that if someone walks every day a mile off a Florida beach, it will take about two and a half years to get around the state. This country is also famous for its cuisine, and those who love self-guided driving tours will enjoy it. Those who enjoy shopping will also find paradise here: There are fashionable clothing boutiques, home decor stores, factory store markets and dazzling flea markets.

The price of vacationing at all-inclusive resorts may not be cheap, but many people can save a lot of money through vacation packages offered by these resorts. However, these packages can be quite different from one resort to another, so make sure you know what type of vacation you are booking. The big advantage of a vacation package is that this is how everything is arranged before you get to the resort, so you don't have to do anything, relax and have fun. The packages usually include the plane ticket, meals and drinks, accommodation, activities, gratifications and taxes. Be sure to check which items are included in the package before you buy it.

You can choose the package so that your family can enjoy it to the full: there is not a lot of shopping experience for a package that includes everything and then not make the most of the activities offered. You may be able to save a lot of money if you choose standard rooms instead of the standard luxury accommodation. You will find family vacation opportunities throughout Florida, for every taste and budget.

The top ten marinas in the world

Marina , By definition, is "an elaborate mooring facility for pleasure boats."

The best and most panoramic marinas featured in this article are home to some of the most luxurious hotels, restaurants and shopping facilities. They are the maritime playgrounds of fashion models, celebrities and other rich and famous people in the world.

Take a look at some of the world's most magnificent marinas and discover what attracts the world's richest people and boats to these amazing hotspots.

Landscape and landscape

The key component to a relaxing marina experience is the breathtaking view of the seaport, mountains and lush greenery.

Most of the world's leading marinas, the most conquered landscapes one can dream of. From Porto Serbo's Italy to the stunning Port Hercules, the best marinas have an amazing view, along with the salty, distant sea air – and the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

The marinas with the best views and views are

· Porto refused In Sardinia, Italy;

· Fort Hercul In Monte Carlo, Monaco;

· Yas Marinin Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates; and

Portofino In Liguria, Italy.

Places to visit

Sure you can find fine establishments – Must You can find – around the world and the most luxurious marinas. After all, if a business is designed to provide the super-rich, there is no better place to find customers than people gathering places who can afford to buy their own floating estates, right?

But the best marinas in the world do not limit themselves to the presentation of the most elegant hotels, the most classic restaurants and the best bistro. First class marinas really need to be close to cultural landmarks, theaters, and even racing events. Remember that no matter how amazing your yacht is, there will still be a limit to how much entertainment it can provide; And sometimes you just want to go on land and maybe watch a horse race.

Needless to say, Marina is just as good as the places and events around it. Which marinas are surrounded by the best places to visit? they

· Marina Grande In Capri, Italy;

· Miami Beach In Florida, United States;

· Ibiza defends In Ibiza, Spain; and

· Street. Tropes In Cote d & # 39; Region, France.

Port and docking facilities

The third factor that makes the marina popular among luxury seekers is the port's ability to keep boats, yachts, boats and speedboats safe and in good condition. Sea vessels need proper storage and maintenance. A good marina should not only be charming and entertaining; This should provide round-the-clock security as well as proper and hassle-free docking procedures.

Of course, nothing can protect your boat better than good speed boat insurance – but a well-designed and secure marina is approaching.

Some of the marinas with the best port and docking facilities are

· Port de Can In Kota D & # 39; Azur, France; and

· Port de Gustavia In Guadeloupe, France.

Establishing NASCAR

Some people like it, some people hate it, some people do both, but one thing is certain: no one can ignore it (or its fans). Whether it drives you crazy or drives you crazy, NASCAR is here to stay. Those in the previous category (and there are loads), have one person to thank: the deceased, William the Great France, the Father.

As a mechanic, William France Sr. knew cars inside and out. From their engine to transmission, from their tailpipe to the pine tree air dangling in the rearview mirror, France had a natural talent for cars. He also had an idea: he believed people would enjoy watching car races. If he built it, they would come.

In 1935, France moved from Washington, DC to Daytona, Florida, hoping to find a job in a major depression-laden economy. With the news in the area and attempts at land speed record, France stepped in for the land speed event. In 1936, he finished fifth; In 1938 he took the position of course director.

Before his involvement, races represented a risk in more ways than one. Honest promoters usually sold their drivers for big dreams and wealth, just to take the money and run before the drivers were paid. This has led, in part, to France's belief that stock car racing needs some organization; It had to be an association with a rigid set of rules, setting schedules, regular championships and protecting everyone involved.

In December 1947, France summoned some of the well-known racers and promoters to propose its ideas. They met at a hotel on Daytona Beach and rumors that an outline of the "official" point system and laws was written on a napkin bar.

After only two months, NASCAR was officially established on February 21, 1948. From there it was, literally, a race.

Time for your honeymoon? Naples, Florida is the place

We might not like the way it was handled; But it was our parents and close family who decided it would be this way. They employed a wedding planner to do all the planning from reception, church, food to cake details except the honeymoon. The honeymoon was definitely something we wanted to say about. So we made it clear that we were planning the entire honeymoon, but in truth, we had no plan or preference at all. My husband and I decided to edit an unplanned honeymoon to make it different, we wanted to be adventurous instead of being an old fashioned honeymoon style.

First, we talked about different places you could turn to and get ideas from everyone, some said Spain, Barcelona, ​​Rome, Paris to sum up the typical honeymoon locations because of the romance and everything. Since we got to those places and didn't get me wrong, they are beautiful and magical places, we were still looking for something different for a change. So after all the thinking and everything we decided to go to unplanned Florida, we packed our bags, got our tickets, a few phone calls and flew to Miami, Florida. Our worries started when we got to the Miami airport and we didn't know what to do or where to go as our last honeymoon destination; We were actually a honeymoon exploring a new world! But it was an exciting adventure and what we were looking for.

Finally my husband did some queries with different people and through the internet he found a shuttle company called Florida Shuttle Transportation; He made an instant invitation for us to go to a city called Naples that we heard and learned that it was a wonderful and relaxing location; A two-hour ferry ride from Miami.

When we first entered the Naples area, I told myself it was perfect for me; From the beach to the quiet, simple buildings. I've heard it's one of the best honeymoon spots with the white sandy beaches. Also have dinner while watching the sun set in the Gulf of Mexico.

We enjoyed walking by the beach while inhaling the sanitized air, which is very rare to breathe this type of air we live in. We stayed at a hotel in Naples called the Oceano Marco Resort. Indeed a great place to live for us, we always received a warm smile of welcome and when we found out that we & # 39; re there for the honeymoon, they upgraded our room to be the best room and no price increase; They gave us the luxurious Mediterranean-style suite with a patio and beautiful sea views to make it more romantic. We really like it.

We have been very pleased since we arrived at the Miami airport, to the transportation provided to the final destination. After the full peace scene in Naples Florida, we decided to head to Miami for a fun and simple nightlife; Of course I couldn't leave my favorite thing to do "shopping". I really enjoyed shopping at the Aventura Mall in Miami even though it was raining it didn't stop us from doing our thing.

Indeed Naples and Miami Florida are two great places to visit. Highly recommend Naples to the romantic part of your honeymoon and Miami for more fun and shopping. Come enjoy all the fresh marriage!

Maximize Referral Fee – South Florida, Miami

Add an important revenue stream without increasing your spending or infrastructure.

Take advantage of your relationships and get referral fees from other real estate agents from different cities. You can significantly increase your income without investing cash. You can never go wrong by helping one of your clients and earning a few extra bucks aside. Is that the nature of the business right?

Sometimes it's not just "a few extra dollars", depending on the city and the location of the property, the referral fee may be large. For example, the average price of an Aqualina penthouse, Sunny Isles (Miami-Dade) on the 45th floor, with decadent finishes and balconies featuring the most spectacular views of Miami including a pool, is about $ 6.9 million. The referral fee for such an estate in the sky exceeds $ 50,000 and all for the purpose of registering and helping one of your clients who will surely appreciate the tip. After all, we are the professionals, the ones who are in the business 24/7 and have the connections, relationships and information at your fingertips. So come and see it happen.

The worst-case scenario, if the deal doesn't happen, is that you mentioned a new friend in Miami and maybe a free stay over the weekend (hotel and expenses included please) the next time you decide to get sunburn. The best cities to refer to are, of course, destination cities like Miami and .. Did I mention Miami ?. Referral fees can vary from state to state, so be sure to check their legality.

It is legal for Miami real estate practitioners (for example) to share the cake and send a well-deserved referral fee simply to register the client and let another professional take command and close the deal. After all, you are too far to physically get involved in the deal.

Forget the traditional $ 300 referral fee for sending a customer! You want the big money! Make sure you work with an agent who specializes in the advanced asset class, but is also well versed in the best opportunities and property values ​​in the area. Take advantage of the referral fee by referring to it as one of your business revenue streams. Think about it. You increase your bottom line profits without increasing your expenses or infrastructure, it can't get any better.

How much do you need to get for a referral fee?

Well it varies by agent and city. But, the rule of thumb is 25% of the commission. In Miami, commissions range from 3% to 6% of the purchase price, making it even more attractive to develop business relationships and regularly receive information on the best assets and prices in this area. Tip: Be sure to ask if they have any bonus plans or special offers (usually happens when the seller is very motivated to sell).

Of course you will be paid immediately after closing, after the transaction is completed, but again, we are reviewing a 30 to 45 day makeover after the contract is executed, on average.

One more thing, by familiarizing yourself with the market you will become familiar with the product you are referring to, and by the way may be very helpful while deciding to buy your dream beach house in Miami.

Pierce Hale, Private Eye: Honeymoon Killer

It was 7:30 Saturday night when Pierce Hale accompanied Club Dalia's back. Sitting at a mahogany table, pouring from a thin, thin green bottle and leaning back occasionally to blow smoke rings, Pierce waited patiently for his dinner date. It was 1945 in Miami in South & # 39; Beach & # 39 ;. Tropical plants adorned the room which was located in front of the large open arches leading to a rooftop ballroom. Blue-and-white light from the hotel sign across the street was leaping faithfully from the wall, cigarette smoke filled the room and sirens were shouting in the streets below. They shouted, but not as often as Pierce got used to him while working as a detective for the Boston Police Department's homicide.

Police Chief Davin Lafort tried to make him stay unsuccessful, and it had only been a few months since Forres retired from his job in Boston, where he served for twenty years without being transported. He enjoyed the dark nights in a difficult city, and he missed the days of chasing bad guys without having to fill out all the paperwork. Endless paperwork is tedious. That was the main difference between his role in Boston and becoming the owner of his Miami-based investigative agency, the paperwork never ending. Yes, there were times when he managed to take to the streets alongside Johnny Bettini, a mid-1920s scholar who worked for him, but mostly he was stuck in the old brick office he rented on the second floor of a wild building. In central Miami.

He did not retire early so that he could fulfill his dream of holding his own investigative office, though he often convinced himself that was the reason. Pierce Hale retired so he could be closer to the woman who was just led by the goalie. She wore a black felt hat, a long black skirt with a red floral print blouse, a glossy red lipstick and black peep toe shoes. Pierce's jaw dropped. He had known her for five years and his jaw always dropped.

"Elizabeth!" Pierce exclaimed as he swung his fedora over his head, "I'm here!"

Elizabeth Booth was the most beautiful and intelligent woman he had ever met, and she did not look like most 53-year-old women at the time. Somehow all the stress that came with those years did not age as much as most women did. There were no wrinkles under her eyes, and her skin tone made her look younger at 15 and even 20 years. She stood about six feet and weighed fifteen dollars.

Elizabeth strolled to Pierce, heels moving almost percussively on the heavy wooden floor as she approached.

"I don't think I've been here since 1942, and it pretty much falls to pieces," Elizabeth said as she moved a half-empty glass of beer.

"Don't be silly Elizabeth. We had drinks here less than six months ago when I told you I was retiring," replied Pierce.

"That's probably true. Still, I don't understand how in 1945 those places still don't treat them," she said as she bent down and gave Pierce a kiss on his cheek. "How are you, Pierce?"

"Oh, I'm doing much better than I was a few minutes ago, now that you've performed," Pierce said, trying not to look excited to see her.

The truth was that Pierce had a lot on his mind today. A disturbing case was brought to him by Johnny Bettini, who seemed stunned by all the works placed on his desk.

"Actually," Pierce continued, "I struggle in case my happy assistant is too happy for him. In the past two weeks, two women have been killed near Winter Beach. They were on their honeymoon with their husbands not looking at all."

Elizabeth could tell when Pierce was just making a call and when he was really struggling with the case. The salt mustache and pepper he always carried seemed to squeeze just a little more when he encountered work problems.

"It reminds me of a case I had in Boston in 1940 when three teenage boys all drowned in the same spot in Burton Harbor. None of the boys had anything to do with them except their age. They were involved, and no one could find any clues. Himself because he feels so guilty. It turned out that he was cut short because of his childhood and that it should be spent on someone who really enjoyed his youth. "

Pierce paused for a moment, hoping that Elizabeth would provide some encouragement, which she always did.

"So you think it could be some kind of random violence targeting the newlyweds?" She replied.

"Exactly, the only problem is that I have no idea where to start looking for this guy. In both cases, the owners left their hotel for a few minutes, and when their wives returned they were shot in the back with a caliber of 22. There was certainly no evidence left. No fingerprints, no identification "Nothing," Pierce informed her.

"Where exactly did all this happen, Pierce?" Elizabeth asked, curiously.

It took Pierce a minute to remember the names of the two hotels where the murders took place. This was mainly because Pierce settled into the long, turbulent strand of dark hair that fell out of place and dangled perfectly over Elizabeth's bright eyes. That brought him back to the day they met in a passenger ship from New York's port in the late 1930s.

"One was at the Mangrove Inn, the other at the Hurricane Hotel," Pierce answered the question, after recalling what the conversation was about. "Why are you asking this?" He continued.

"I know most hotel owners in winter and winter," Elizabeth replied. "In truth, Lisa Porter owns the two hotels you just mentioned. Have you talked to her yet?"

Pierce shook his head. He was unable to contact Mrs. Porter, though not because of inexperience. Whenever he turned the dial on the phone to call her, he would not hear but ring on the other side.

"She seems to be out of town, and I have no way to contact her," Pierce said. "How come you own two hotels that are the scene of two different homicides, and you don't make yourself available to the local police."

"Well, maybe you're just not trying enough Pierce," Elizabeth said, with a sly smile on her face. "Stop by my office tomorrow at 1:30 and I'll get her on the phone for you."

Pierce was not the kind of person who would rely on others to achieve what they promised, but he always knew that Elizabeth could be trusted. In addition, she had connections with almost everyone in South Florida.

As this conversation nears its end, Pierce and Elizabeth spent the rest of the evening catching up on everything from their favorite movies, some post-war politics and news.

The next day, at exactly 1:20, Pierce Hall arrived at the local college where Elizabeth Booth was an English professor. As Pierce entered Elizabeth's office, he noticed how easy it was for him to pass through security and find her office. It was much different than the first time she visited Elizabeth in her apartment. It was impossible to navigate confidently in South Beach during the war, especially where Elizabeth lived. Not only were the streets lined with police officers, but military uniforms were found in most corners near the neighborhood.

As Pierce entered Elizabeth's office, he began to say something but noticed that she was on the phone.

"Here he is Lisa, he just came in. I'll pass him the phone and I'm sure he has some questions for you," Elizabeth said on the phone. She went on, handed the phone to Pierce, "This is Lisa Porter, the hotel owner you told me last night. She was staying at her beach house in Carolina, but I managed to find her phone number from a colleague of mine."

"Hello Mrs. Porter, how are you?"

"Well, Mr. Hale, I would have done much better if I had known that my investments were a site of two homicides. When I heard about the police appearing and rediscovering my hotel, I just couldn't imagine what it would look like when I came back!" The second of the phone. Pierce could hardly stand and listened to the brightest and loudest voice Mrs. Porter had.

"I'm sorry for all this hassle Mrs. Porter, but I was wondering if you could give us some help. Do you have any idea who it could be? Anyone with access to rooms in your two hotels?" "

"The only person who has access to both of my hotels is the cleaning boy," Lisa replied, "Well, he's not really a kid. Skip Daniels is his name. He's 35 and awful. It's strange. But he does leave those rooms lit up."

After several more minutes of conversation, Pierce gathered contact information for skipping Daniels and thanked Mrs. Porter for her help. Pierce then thanked Elizabeth and told her he was going to look for the cleaning. Pierce and Elizabeth argued over the next few minutes that Elizabeth felt she would be needed on this mission and Pierce never liked to endanger women, especially Elizabeth. However, as usual, Elizabeth won the argument and they headed to the town of Skip Daniels in the 1938 Pier Dodge & Coupe.

When they arrived at the rebel complex, which appeared to be part of the bombing in Nazi Germany, Pierce and Elizabeth walked to door number 5, the apartment where Skip Daniels lived.

Pierce knocked hard on the old wooden door for a few minutes without replying.

"Just break it down, Pierce," Elizabeth said emphatically. And with that, she kicked the door as hard as she could, removing it from its hinges.

"I guess that's the way to deal with it," Pierce said, slightly surprised by her power.

As they moved into the apartment, Pierce made sure his .38 police gun was within reach. He didn't notice it, but Elizabeth made another way in the kitchen as Pierce headed for the bedroom.

The apartment seemed empty until Pierce entered the busy bedroom. Black and white photos of beautiful women upholstered the cracked walls of the bedroom. Pierce is almost disgusted by a number of posters. On each of them is written a note that seems to convey love from a disturbed man. As Pierce continued on his way to the bedroom, he heard someone breathing from the closet. Pierce opened the closet and saw a man, only his boxer shorts covered, huddled in the corner.

"Skip Daniels, I guess?" Pierce asked.

"You have nothing on me!" The man shouted. "You don't know me! You don't know what I went through! These men don't deserve to keep these women alive!"

Then, without warning, Daniels jumped at Pierce Hall and grabbed his pistol from his vagina. A brawl ensued where the rifle dropped. Pierce always managed to deal with offenders in the past, but his body began to age. He held a right hook in his left eye and immediately felt his bones crack.

At that moment he heard Elizabeth screaming, "Get off him! Get off him! You go slush! Get down or I'll light!"

Pierce never saw Elizabeth holding a weapon, but she seemed to know how to use it. Apparently she heard the fight that was going on and wanted to help Pierce. Seeing the gun lying on the floor, she picked it up and took control of the situation.

When local police transferred Skipping Daniels to trial, Pierce was able to gather much information about the man's history in his apartment. It seems Skip recently proposed to his old girlfriend, just be put off. Apparently she was cheating on him with another man and Skip felt he had lost what was right for him.

"I guess he'll be leaving for a long time," said Pierce, exhausted by the day of excitement.

"Yes, and you should admit to being alive," Elizabeth informed him matter-of-factly.

"You know, Elizabeth Booth, you would do a pretty good private eye and your resistance is futile!"

And with the words said, Pierce escorted Elizabeth to his car and took her home. Little did he know that this would be the first of many cases where he would rely on Elizabeth Booth to help the perpetrator.

The Miami real estate market is back to normal

After last year's wrangling, Miami-Dade Real Estate because they have strong sellers & # 39; The market has returned to normal or balanced business.

Its property is sold all over the coast, in the city and state. Prices are not going down yet. There was a lot going on with his property, inventory actually growing and sales increasing. The overall sale of the Miami-Dade real estate market has definitely returned to normal.

Which is actually a great thing for the Miami-Dade real estate market. In fact, Miami-Dad is one of the most wonderful and growing markets in the world.

Ruth Carrington, an agent with Buy the Beach Realty in Miami Beach, stated that the past sales slowdown was due to the panic that occurred when the properties were not sold in less than a week in contrast to sales made in the past months. Buyers have stopped hesitating to buy but prices are still stable and they are closing the property in a structural manner.

Carrington saw better improvements in sales and buying patterns & # 39; They seem to have moved on from the recent downturn. In fact, there were recent sales, such as a $ 400,000 beachfront condo and waterfront units at $ 1 million. In fact, real estate in Miami-Dade is stabilizing now and people remember that real estate is a long-term investment.

Now buyers and investors are happy to know that the Miami-Dade real estate market is adjusting to routine. In fact, the 28-29 percent return on investments that lasted several years won't last forever.

As things in real estate get stronger, the real estate market will be better now for years to come. For shoppers and investors looking for the best place in the US, Miami is still one of the biggest places they can find. And buyers and sellers will still see real estate as a solid investment, and understand that Miami will be the best place they want to live and invest with.

Some studies have shown that there are no real estate bubbles bursting in Miami or anywhere else. In fact, there are loads of people who moved to Florida last year than any other state.

In addition, Miami's many beachfront luxury hotel projects are growing, as Miami Beach's room occupancy is 80-85 percent compared to only about 60 percent of other resorts.

Many tourists and visitors come to Miami to enjoy and relax and enjoy the beauty of Miami. In fact, others will be happy to buy their second or maybe third home in Miami.

Buyers aren't worried about Miami real estate prices. What really matters to them is the beauty and magic Miami has to offer them. Much in search of a property they could afford to purchase, but it didn't get a crash on real estate, in fact Miami is the city that is more protected from a crash.

Where are backpackers in America on a low budget

I am an avid hiker. I love nature, scenery and the super landscape. I also understand I'm not "spring chicken" – towards my fifties.

What really bothers me is when I read about kids who barely left high school but are planning on a backpack for America. I guess it's a time in their lives where they find out what they want to do with their lives. I think it's great.

However, there are two issues that every backpacker who travels across America experiences. The first is money and the second is where to go. While browsing the internet, I looked for answers to these issues, and I hope this helps.

When you're a backpacker in America, you're probably over budget. Therefore you should stay in cheap accommodation. Hostels are the most affordable and plentiful and varied. That's why it's not hard to find one that meets your needs, in a fraction of the cost of the hotel. The second option is a tree under the stars which is completely free (however, check safety risks first).

Good buses for travel between locations. The Greyhound in particular is a good point to get prices especially when booking two weeks in advance. You can find really cheap rides, for example, you can travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco via a Chinatown bus.

So what do you want to see when you're backpacking in America? Here are some suggestions:

1. The West Trip is good. It's a popular backpacker on this side of the country. For example, start in Vancouver and get off a bus to San Francisco and then through Yosemite National Park. Take a bus down to Los Angeles and then through the Red Desert rocks and up the Grand Canyon. Stay away from Las Vegas unless you want to lose your money. To me, Las Vegas is a place to waste cash and not a place for a budget backpack in America.

2. The other option I've seen is Florida. South Beach in Miami is a great place and you can meet some famous people. It's great in Tampa Bay and Orlando, too, when you're backpacking in America.

3. The other favorite is backpacking in South America. A good starting point is Quito (Equator Capital). From Quito, you can drive on the gringo (as it is known in Central South America). There are plenty of places to visit and plenty to see if you are hiking in the Patagonian Desert in the south or the Caribbean beaches in the north.

So wherever you go back to the backpack backpack I take off the hat for the young kids who want to let go and find out. Have a great trip, don't lose your shirt and come home safely when you're backpacking in America.

Experience a golf vacation in Florida

While Florida's tourism industry was off its breathtaking beaches and the world

Well-known theme parks, it has established itself as a top-class golf destination.

Although there are top golf courses that can be found across the state, areas of

Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville and Miami have the biggest impact on it

The state golf industry.

Tampa Bay Area

The Tampa Bay area is the fastest growing golf area in the state despite having

Still haven't really established himself among the "big ones". The area is gaining notoriety

With top-class resorts, prestigious daily paid courses and public access numbers

Facilities for any level or price range. If you are looking for a course with a beard

While Florida was feeling, they spent a day on the Copperhead course in Westin Innsbruck. This

One of the top golf courses in the country due to its full nature

And challenging features. The course is lush and green with a lot of risk

Reward opportunities. The Copperhead course is only open to holidaymakers,

Friends and friends of a $ 160 green fee for guests.

A new arrival to the Tampa golf scene can only be found a short drive north of the river

City. The Woods World Golf Club was recently developed with two nine-hole courses

Short Course and Art Education Center. The pine and rolling horse

The oak tracks provide two different golfing experiences. Pine Barrens is unique

Challenging, making fun fun while Rolling Oaks is fully relaxing

Peaceful dips and climbers through Florida farmland. Both courses are worth visiting

This new golf club features 700 hotel rooms within a 20-minute drive

Make it a vacation.

Orlando area

Although historically, Walt Disney World and other attractions have an amusement park

Overshadowed by the Orlando golf scene, the area is filled with the highest ranked courses

First class golf sites. There are between 100 and 150 courses in the area

Orlando is hosting two PGA Tour events. In an article about Orlando Golf, you can't do that

We'll have the Bay Hill Nightclub. One of the most prestigious private quarries

Clubs in the state, it's been part of the PGA Tour since 1979. The club has

Three nine-hole tracks, the Langer, the Champion and the Charger. Bay Hill

Make an effort to provide the service line service by improving the smallest details.

For example, every fourth of the club gets curved at no extra cost

Drag clubs, scoop sand traps and provide tips on hard shots. You must be a guest

Or a vacation buddy to play these $ 175 green fees per round during the course

Peak season.

The North-South Course in Willow Divorced Cypress, designed by Jack Nicklaus, is one

Of the most well-groomed courses in Florida. This is combined with man-made incarnation

Drops through turtles and vegetable turtles modes a very fun game. The course was

Labeled as spacious but challenging and is a must-visit for any Orlando golfer

Area. Green fees range from $ 115 to $ 180, worth a day away from the mouse.

Jacksonville Area

Jacksonville, one of the East Coast's best kept secrets, has a great water line

Definition and is a golf based destination. The city and its surroundings

The areas are home to 68 courses, PGA Tour headquarters and PGA seniors, as well

World Golf Village, just a few minutes down I-95. The courses at Jacksonville

Require precision, but they are known to provide a great deal of variety. World famous TPC

Sawgrass was built in 1981 and is the annual host of tournament players

championship. Both lots, the stadium and the valley, are maintained throughout

Incredibly high standards but they are two very different golfing experiences. God

Stadium Course, home to the notorious 17th most photographed island

A hole in golf, known for fast greens and fast fashion. This course can mislead anything

Golf level for false sense of security with hidden bunkers and tricky water

Dangers. The younger brothers, the valley track, are technically more extreme, but they are

Often ignored. The big greens and the big fairy tales make it easier

Golf experience. To play, you have to be a guest at Marriott in Saugars or at

Member. Green fees range from $ 140 to $ 305 for the stadium course and $ 110

To $ 170 for the valley track.

The World Golf Village is home to two portions, both with two distinct ninety, one

Open and one wooded. The King and the Bear, designed by Arnold Palmer and Geck

Nicklaus, recently joined Selmer and Squire and offered great courses for everyone

Designed by the best in the business. The Slammer & The Squire course has loads

Lakes with rolling lanes while the new course focuses more on aesthetics

Without compromising the quality of the game. Players with a great short game making

Enjoy Slammer & The Squire while King and Bear require precision

With distance and location. These fine courses together with the World Golf Hall

Fame and all the attractions that accompany it are a great way to improve you

Jacksonville Golf Experience. Green fees are $ 99 to $ 179 for the older course

$ 125 to $ 200 for the King and the Bear.

Miami area

It's easy to add golf to any luxurious vacation in Miami. With world-class resorts,

The infamous South Shore, and has neglected half private courses in its backyard, Miami

Became a top destination on golf vacation. PGA National at Palm Beach Gardens & # 39;

Offers five golf caliber golfers in the tournament, all rated by Zagat for "America's Top

Courses. "There's a course for every type of player at PGA National between you

An experienced professional or someone who just came into the game. Haig, the general,

Champ, The Squire and the estate are unique and offer something a little different.

Haig, the first dish developed was designed and does offer quality golf for

All players. Qualities like non-water hazards go through the game

An area regardless of skill. The newest course is the General, designed by Scotty

Courses. Players will see these roots in their rising and falling roads and are common

Green. Known among the five is the Champ, which offers the finest game

Surface is available anywhere in the world. Learn about tee times

Golf packages, visit the National PGA website.

Perhaps the most revered South Florida golf resorts are the Doral Golf Resort

spa. In Doral there are five dishes, nine pro shops, and a top-class spa. God

The blue monster, the big white, the red, the silver and gold are a world-

Well known for fantastic golf and water with over 60 out of the 90 holes, they are also

Known for their challenge. The Great White, designed by Greg Norman, and the

The Blue Monster, one of the most recognized courses in the country, are the top two

Courses in Doral. The big white, framed by palm trees and white sand, is hard

Play and prefer those who play golf position. The Blue Monster is well known

Huge water hazards, unforgiving rough and hole 18 which is one of the most difficult

Finishes in PGA round. The green fees range from $ 100 to $ 225 depending

Track and season.

You can enjoy your Florida golf vacation regardless of which destination you chose.

Megsonville to Miami and Tampa to Orlando There are countless golf courses

Resorts, clubs and courses to choose from. These goals are tight

With great vacation rental homes, Sunshine State is a great place to stay

And play.