Miami for art lovers – Miami offers more than sun and sand

It may be famous for its sun and sand, but Miami also has a thriving arts community. Whether you prefer performing arts, beautiful art or historical treasures, you can find world-class arts just around the corner.

Movie fans know that Miami is the place to watch breakthrough movies. Most famous is the Miami International Film Festival, a star-studded showcase for Latin American, North American and world cinema. If you prefer live theater, Miami offers a variety of venues, with Coconut Grove Theater, Game Player, and Kay Gleason Theater as you know. Music lovers will enjoy the incredible variety in Miami, including performances by the Florida Grand Opera, Miami Symphony, International Piano Competition Murray Darnoff and Miami Bach Piano, as well as contemporary performances by the big stars in entertainment and the music world. Dance lovers will enjoy the world-renowned Miami City Ballet and contemporary Dance Now dance! Ensemble.

Beautiful art lovers will find galleries, festivals and studios throughout Miami city. Coconut Grove Arts Festival is one of the largest and most prestigious outdoor arts and crafts festivals in the United States. Art Basel Miami Beach is a new type of cultural event, combining an international art show with an exciting program of special exhibitions, parties and crossover events that include music, cinema, architecture and design.

Historical, local and international treasures can be found in Miami cultural and art museums. The Miami Museum of Art presents international art of the twentieth and twenty-first century. Regular exhibitions at the Lowe Art Museum include an Italian and Baroque Renaissance, Greek-Roman antiquity, 17th-21st century America and Europe, and Asian, African and Native American art. The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens are an exceptional estate inspired by Europe and a national historic landmark, which includes a home full of art and furniture, and ten acres of gardens in Biscayne Bay.