9 Top Romantic Wedding Venues in the United States

If you've decided to get married in the United States, now is the time to choose a place for your wedding day. There are some wonderful wedding venues across the United States, and you will have a hard time deciding on one. To help you decide on an exotic wedding venue, I've fixed up 9 romantic wedding venues in the United States and you can choose one for your special event.

Monte Lucia Resort and Spa

It's the most beautiful and romantic places in the United States that you might think to tie. It is located in the desert location. Its breathtaking beauty makes your wedding memorable.

Garden P. Alan Smith

It is a refined garden equipped with elegant types of flowers, fruits and vegetables, but it is also used for hosting wedding ceremonies. This may be a better choice for newlywed couples.

Beverly Hills Hotel

This is a luxurious 5 star hotel located in California, USA. It is known for its glamorous appearance and quirky interior. It is primarily used for filming and hosting wedding ceremonies.


Located in Los Angeles, it is a historic place. Now, it has become popular as a wedding venue and is used for wedding ceremonies. This place has its own rituals to follow during the marriage. There is a six foot wall in the garden courtyard, where couples exchange their vows.

St. Regis Beach & Monas

Looking for a beach wedding, so this is the best choice for you. It is settled in Dana Point, California. It is known for its impressive natural beauty, and also for the stunning Tuscan resort. The resort provides all kinds of facilities for wedding events.

Miami, FL

Miami is famous for its charming and best beaches for both free time and wedding celebrations. It is the best known places in the world, so you may also think of making it another alternative.

Museum and Wizkaya Gardens

Located together in Miami, it is a historic place. This is an old Italian style villa famous for its architecture and staircase. The marriage celebration is employed in a 10-acre garden.

Mill Haiku

It used to be a sugar mill. Sylvia Hamilton Kerr, who owns the mill, later turned it into a romantic wedding complex. This includes a beautiful garden used for marriage or other events. So it would not be a bad idea to celebrate marriage here.

Modern Wing (Art Institute of Chicago)

As we all move to celebrate the wedding at beaches, gardens and hotels. However, celebrating a wedding in places like headquarters and art centers may make your day unique and memorable. If you like art, feel free to settle for that.