Time for your honeymoon? Naples, Florida is the place

We might not like the way it was handled; But it was our parents and close family who decided it would be this way. They employed a wedding planner to do all the planning from reception, church, food to cake details except the honeymoon. The honeymoon was definitely something we wanted to say about. So we made it clear that we were planning the entire honeymoon, but in truth, we had no plan or preference at all. My husband and I decided to edit an unplanned honeymoon to make it different, we wanted to be adventurous instead of being an old fashioned honeymoon style.

First, we talked about different places you could turn to and get ideas from everyone, some said Spain, Barcelona, ​​Rome, Paris to sum up the typical honeymoon locations because of the romance and everything. Since we got to those places and didn't get me wrong, they are beautiful and magical places, we were still looking for something different for a change. So after all the thinking and everything we decided to go to unplanned Florida, we packed our bags, got our tickets, a few phone calls and flew to Miami, Florida. Our worries started when we got to the Miami airport and we didn't know what to do or where to go as our last honeymoon destination; We were actually a honeymoon exploring a new world! But it was an exciting adventure and what we were looking for.

Finally my husband did some queries with different people and through the internet he found a shuttle company called Florida Shuttle Transportation; He made an instant invitation for us to go to a city called Naples that we heard and learned that it was a wonderful and relaxing location; A two-hour ferry ride from Miami.

When we first entered the Naples area, I told myself it was perfect for me; From the beach to the quiet, simple buildings. I've heard it's one of the best honeymoon spots with the white sandy beaches. Also have dinner while watching the sun set in the Gulf of Mexico.

We enjoyed walking by the beach while inhaling the sanitized air, which is very rare to breathe this type of air we live in. We stayed at a hotel in Naples called the Oceano Marco Resort. Indeed a great place to live for us, we always received a warm smile of welcome and when we found out that we & # 39; re there for the honeymoon, they upgraded our room to be the best room and no price increase; They gave us the luxurious Mediterranean-style suite with a patio and beautiful sea views to make it more romantic. We really like it.

We have been very pleased since we arrived at the Miami airport, to the transportation provided to the final destination. After the full peace scene in Naples Florida, we decided to head to Miami for a fun and simple nightlife; Of course I couldn't leave my favorite thing to do "shopping". I really enjoyed shopping at the Aventura Mall in Miami even though it was raining it didn't stop us from doing our thing.

Indeed Naples and Miami Florida are two great places to visit. Highly recommend Naples to the romantic part of your honeymoon and Miami for more fun and shopping. Come enjoy all the fresh marriage!