The top ten marinas in the world

Marina , By definition, is "an elaborate mooring facility for pleasure boats."

The best and most panoramic marinas featured in this article are home to some of the most luxurious hotels, restaurants and shopping facilities. They are the maritime playgrounds of fashion models, celebrities and other rich and famous people in the world.

Take a look at some of the world's most magnificent marinas and discover what attracts the world's richest people and boats to these amazing hotspots.

Landscape and landscape

The key component to a relaxing marina experience is the breathtaking view of the seaport, mountains and lush greenery.

Most of the world's leading marinas, the most conquered landscapes one can dream of. From Porto Serbo's Italy to the stunning Port Hercules, the best marinas have an amazing view, along with the salty, distant sea air – and the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

The marinas with the best views and views are

· Porto refused In Sardinia, Italy;

· Fort Hercul In Monte Carlo, Monaco;

· Yas Marinin Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates; and

Portofino In Liguria, Italy.

Places to visit

Sure you can find fine establishments – Must You can find – around the world and the most luxurious marinas. After all, if a business is designed to provide the super-rich, there is no better place to find customers than people gathering places who can afford to buy their own floating estates, right?

But the best marinas in the world do not limit themselves to the presentation of the most elegant hotels, the most classic restaurants and the best bistro. First class marinas really need to be close to cultural landmarks, theaters, and even racing events. Remember that no matter how amazing your yacht is, there will still be a limit to how much entertainment it can provide; And sometimes you just want to go on land and maybe watch a horse race.

Needless to say, Marina is just as good as the places and events around it. Which marinas are surrounded by the best places to visit? they

· Marina Grande In Capri, Italy;

· Miami Beach In Florida, United States;

· Ibiza defends In Ibiza, Spain; and

· Street. Tropes In Cote d & # 39; Region, France.

Port and docking facilities

The third factor that makes the marina popular among luxury seekers is the port's ability to keep boats, yachts, boats and speedboats safe and in good condition. Sea vessels need proper storage and maintenance. A good marina should not only be charming and entertaining; This should provide round-the-clock security as well as proper and hassle-free docking procedures.

Of course, nothing can protect your boat better than good speed boat insurance – but a well-designed and secure marina is approaching.

Some of the marinas with the best port and docking facilities are

· Port de Can In Kota D & # 39; Azur, France; and

· Port de Gustavia In Guadeloupe, France.