What’s rocking Coconut Creek?

Coconut Creek, being one of Broward County's most dynamic cities, is always full of smoothies and leads in property, housing and real estate. Developments are always taking place to make the city more competitive in terms of economic standards and more livelier. In February 2015, there were certain events that seemed On the local real estate sector but also on other branches in the city. Here are some of them.

Village Shop sold

One of the major gospels that will affect the city is the sale of a village shop. According to a South Florida Business Journal article, the property was sold for $ 19.6 million to an investor located in Coral Gables. This move is backed by Mercantil Commercebank, which financed a $ 10.15 million mortgage. Apparently, the property managed by Alex Sirolnik and Claudio Meckler sold for $ 365 a square foot.

A staggering $ 23 million to buy the Broward Square

Although commercial property is located outside the city envelope, it is still a great landmark to which many residents come to take advantage of their needs. Anchored by Publix – a supermarket where basic commodities and food products are sold, and Home Depot – one store to stop for home improvement and design – it's impossible to deny that Hubbard Plaza is an influential place for Coconut Creek residents.

Atlas Cypress Lakes reportedly bought Broward Plaza for $ 23 million from its owner. The 28.9-acre property consists of three buildings anchored by Publix, Home Depot, and the other is Burger King. The property equated to $ 88 per square foot.

The Butterfly Festival begins on February 28

One of the most anticipated events in all of Coconut Creek is the annual Butterfly Festival. During this day, many visitors from neighboring districts and even from other countries are expected to visit the city. This is the perfect time for the city to showcase its charm and beauty. This is also a great time for homeowners who sell their homes to offer signs for sale just outside their properties. For this year the festival occupies full consecutive hours from 1:00 pm. All the way to about 8:30 p.m.

The large leg movement created by the festival also presents an opportunity for businesses, especially those in the hospitality and food industries to broadcast their sales.