Cheap breaks

Whether it is the sun, beaches, skiing, recreation, romance or fun with the kids, there is a cheap break for everyone. Let your imagination go wild, and see what takes your fancy.

In these difficult economic times we are all looking for a bargain, whether it is at our local supermarket, buying a car, or booking a vacation.

This is exactly what many of us need when there is so much depressing news – a cheap break somewhere to get away from it all.

So how much of your imagination is vivid? Do you think somewhere in the UK or somewhere in Europe? More important than that! How about South Africa, Barbados, Florida, Cuba, Dubai, Disney, New York, St. Lucia, Boston? Now you think.

You may start looking for a cheap break, but what you really want is value for money. Where can you go for what you can afford, and will it meet your goals?

You may be looking for some heat and sun (after all, we get a little expensive here in the UK!). Consider the Caribbean, Dubai, or anywhere closer to the equator or further south.

You might want the bright lights and excitement of a city break. Take your tour choice: New York, Boston, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Washington, Chicago, or the ultimate pastime: Las Vegas.

Ski vacation can be to your taste. Pick the right time of year and destinations in the US like New England, California, Colorado, Utah are all places to visit.

If this is the romance you want then can you find cheap breaks in Mauritius, Seychelles, Niagara or the Maldives? Fantastic destinations that will lend themselves to you during these tricks.

If you're taking the kids, or you're just a big kid, then you can't look further than Disney! Florida Disney World includes:

o The King Shield Park


o Disney hollywood students

o 2 great water parks

o Disney Animal Amusement Park

o Iron fluid area


It will really leave all your troubles and worries behind.