Cheap Vacations – Are They Out There?

With such a whirlwind economy – hell with the world economy in such a mess, how do we vacation the way we want it?

The easy answer is sometimes the best. Lots of people will choose to stay close to home. Maybe instead of a Florida or Hawaii vacation it would be a country camping trip. Or maybe instead of the same amusement park walk it would be a walk to the local zoo. Everyone is looking for where to cut costs.

Well there are a few more ways to enjoy a vacation and even a beach vacation without giving up a large portion of your income. The best method is to take a vacation while sharing. They will give you 4 – 4 nights at a time rate (preferably 5 times a hotel or motel) for around $ 99. Most of the time, they will also throw out pull cards. The only commitment you make is to sit through their presentation on the benefits of having a share of time. You can also get free meals while staying there.

So if you add it.

Time Sharing Tour

Room $ 99 (33 per night)

Free withdrawal cards

Food is reduced because of free meals

Hotel 75 / night

$ 50 pull tickets to the ticket

Free meal-free meals

So you can see that vacation time on Time Share, even if you have to take the presentation, is a great way to save money on vacation.

If you would like more information on discounted vacation packages or time-sharing tours, please visit.