Facts Miss Miss Universe!

California & # 39; 55

Like Brazil and the states, Sweden was one of the superpowers of the beauty pageant in the 1950s and 1960s. In 1955, this Nordic country won the world title.

Long beach & # 39; 58

Surprisingly, Dutch Guyana – present-day Suriname (South America) – was one of the 15 finalists, but did not list the five finalists.

Miami & # 39; 61

Miss Universe 1961 Marlene Schmidt was born in former East Germany, but moved to West Germany in search of political peace and new opportunities. She was the first and only German to win the international award.

America & # 39; 65

After winning the event, Aspera Angscola (Thailand) went on a world tour, making stops in the United States, Asia and Latin America. The Dark-Eyed Girl is Thailand's most famous beauty queen.

Florida & # 39; 66

Inspired by Hangsacula's victory, Thailand's Rep. Renum Sabtanum was the second-leading player.

Miami & # 39; 71

Lebanon's Miss Universe, Giorgio Rizk, born in Beirut, was one of the first Miss Universe to appear on a national postage stamp. She participated in Miss World, six feet tall (she is taller than Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco), weighs 121 pounds and measures 35-25-35. In addition to all of this, Miss Lebanon will set up four foreign languages.

El Salvador & # 39; 75

One of the most famous archaeological treasures in Central America, the Tazumal Pyramid, was selected by the Miss Universe Organization as the University of Miss 23 emblem of the 1975 Universe in San Salvador (El Salvador).

Acapulco & # 39; 78

Dewey Socarno, the former Lady Indonesia, was one of the international judges, along with Mario Moreno Cantinaplas (Mexico player), Ursula Andres (Sweden actress) and other famous celebrities. Dewey was the wife of former dictator Ahmed Sukarno , One of the most brutal rulers of the 20th century.

Perth & # 39; & # 39; 79

In the face of international sanctions, Boputzugna, she was not recognized by UN Washington. She sent a representative to Australia, the beauty pageant. Unfortunately, Boptsetswana's representative, Alina Muqtze, a black girl, did not list the 12 semiconductor finals. Wanda and Siski, Buftsetswana was established by the former South African apartheid regime.

Perth & # 39; & # 39; 79 & Paradise Island & # 39; 09

Venezuela is often seen as a model for the Miss Universe competition on earth. In 1979, Venezuela's representative, Marcelo Cielero, was elected to MU in Oceania. In August 2009, the oil-rich state was the first country to win Miss Universe back-to-back finals. Between 1979 and 2009, the Latin Nation won six world crowns: Australia & # 39; 79, New York & # 39; 81, Panama & # 39; 86, Las Vegas & # 39; 96, Vietnam & # 39; 08 & Paradise Island & # 39; 09.

New York City & # 39; 81

Irena Siz Konda, 18, of Venezuela, did not learn English until she won the Miss Universe Award in the United States in July 1981. During her reign, under the watchful eye of her professor, Jaffa Nasif, she learned to speak English very well.

Panama City & # 39; 86

Miss Denmark, Helena Christensen, who received little mention in the Panamanian press, did not even make the Miss Universe Panama semi-final & # 39; 86, but seven years later, she, who is semi-Peruvian, became one of the world's top & supermodels # 39 in the 90s, alongside names like Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell.

Taipei & # 39; 88

Four Asian beauty queens – Thailand (Porntip Nakhirunkanok), South Korea (Jung & # 39; Wang Cheng), Japan (Mizuho Sakaguchi & # 39;) and Hong Kong (Pauline Young) – were among the top five finalists. In this edition Miss Thailand was crowned Miss Universe in 1988. Besides winning the Universal Cup, she also won the "Best National Costume". In Taiwan, Nakhirunkanok has completed Latin America's three-year domination of international competition. The last three events have been defeated by Deborah Carthio (Puerto Rico / 1985), Barbara Palacios (Venezuela / 1986) and Cecilia Buluco (Chile / 1987). Amanda Olivares of Mexico was the only one to challenge Asian supremacy: she finished third in the world competition.

Cancun & # 39; 89

After the fall of the World Miss Show in Spain / UK, Miss La Visser, Miss Holland, became Miss Universe in Cancun. According to experts from Miss Universe, the blue-eyed woman, a former fashion model from Rotterdam, was one of the most beautiful beauty kingdoms of the 20th century.

Las Vegas & # 39; 91

20-year-old Ireland representative Siobhan McClaferty did not make the top ten semi-finalists, but was awarded the Miss Photogenic Award. Miss Ireland Universe, a blue-eyed girl, finished in 19th place (swimsuit: 8.08 points / interview: 8.88 / evening dress: 8.44) at the Nevada International Competition. Strangely, she was forever approaching Miss World Miss – a rival of MU & # 39; in the UK.

Bangkok & # 39; 92

Suriname – the only Dutch-speaking republic on the continent of America – finished last: 78.

From Thailand & # 39; 92 to Manila & # 39; 94

By 1994, Miss Colombia was in second place for the third year in a row. Unfortunately, the South American state has not won the MU Cup in 51 years!

Las Vegas & # 39; 96

In qualifying, Miss India had the highest score in interviews: 9.48 points, ahead of Venezuela (9.43), USA (9.37), Peru (9.36), Chile (9.28), El Salvador (9.26), Trinidad and Tobago (9.23) ))) And Norway (9.19) India's contestant, Sandhya C, rose to the top ten, but was not one of the finalists.

Trinidad Tobago & # 39; 99

The African Republic of Boston – an obscure country that has never won a beauty pageant – has won the Caribbean World Cup. It was the first time since Namibia (1992) that a vague nation has won an award.

Los Angeles & # 39; 06

This year, Puerto Rico won the fourth Miss Universe award after finishing second in the Miss Universe uniform in Bangkok, Thailand. A number of celebrations took place on the island, after Zulayaka Rivera won the Universal North America title.

Paradise an island & # 39; 09

According to MU experts, Miss France, Chloe Mortaud, was the favorite before competing to win the MU title in the Bahamas, ahead of Reich & Le 39 Finch (Australia), Ada Aime de la Cruz (Dominican Republic), Iwata Lutokska (Czech Republic) and China (Wang Yongyou). Surprisingly, she is a dual French-American citizen, did not make the Top 5, finishing sixth. Mortaud of France was the first black to win the favoritism since Vanessa Mendoza, Miss Colombia, in 2002.