Pierce Hale, Private Eye: Honeymoon Killer

It was 7:30 Saturday night when Pierce Hale accompanied Club Dalia's back. Sitting at a mahogany table, pouring from a thin, thin green bottle and leaning back occasionally to blow smoke rings, Pierce waited patiently for his dinner date. It was 1945 in Miami in South & # 39; Beach & # 39 ;. Tropical […]

The Miami real estate market is back to normal

After last year's wrangling, Miami-Dade Real Estate because they have strong sellers & # 39; The market has returned to normal or balanced business. Its property is sold all over the coast, in the city and state. Prices are not going down yet. There was a lot going on with his property, inventory actually growing […]

Experience a golf vacation in Florida

While Florida's tourism industry was off its breathtaking beaches and the world Well-known theme parks, it has established itself as a top-class golf destination. Although there are top golf courses that can be found across the state, areas of Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville and Miami have the biggest impact on it The state golf industry. Tampa […]

How to Find Cheap Flights to Miami |

When it comes to finding the best resorts in the United States, many people have always come to Miami, Florida. Miami beaches are known for their beauty. They are known for surfing, sun and great fun. No wonder a lot of people go on weekends or vacations. Even people from Europe fly there during holidays. […]

Why Buy a Florida Vacation Home?

Florida is one of the most popular vacation spots in the state, welcoming millions of tourists every year. While there are a number of reasonable accommodation options statewide, there are some good reasons to purchase your own Florida vacation home. Excellent climate Florida is the state of Sunshine and not for good reason. It has […]

Top 10 romantic trips for less than $ 5,000

Looking to just get away from it all? And don't have a full check account to skip? Well, don't worry my friend, we can't all be millionaires, unfortunately. But when it comes time to share this special vacation with someone you love, many of us are blank-registering that it's time to book and plan this […]

How to Plan a Bachelor Party in Miami |

Assuming your team doesn't work on a tight budget, Miami is a great destination for bachelor parties … However, the best men who plan to stack Miami should not only be prepared for serious waste (and raise money from other apprentices!) But also some serious planning. Here is a step-by-step guide to planning a bachelor […]